MTA:Eir is an alternative Grand Theft Auto San Andreas multiplayer client. It has been forked from the original MTA:BLUE core.

How to Build

To correctly build the C++ source code you need

Check-out the source code from ‘https://svn.osdn.net/svnroot/green-candy/’. Navigate into ‘Shared\_mainbuild\” and open “MTAEir.sln” to find the main solution file.

We support building in 32bit mode in either Release or Debug configuration.

Running the Client

When the client has been successfully compiled, you need to copy the Data Files into the output folder. Simply copy the entire contents of “datafiles” into the “output” folder.

Double click on “Multi Theft Auto Eir(_d).exe” to run.

Compatible MTA Server

Our netcode is adjusted to MTA:BLUE revision r3566. You can download the server here. The server does not have MTA:Eir specific functionality because the server source code component does not compile yet.